The price of Intel’s 12th generation core processors is reportedly dropping.

In order to promote the 13th Gen Core processors in retail, Intel formally raised the price of its 12th Gen Core processors by 10% back in January. Almost a month later, Intel is reportedly decreasing the cost of the aforementioned 12th Gen Core processors by as much as 20%. The higher-end SKUs are reportedly anticipated to experience the highest price reductions, according to the story, which is from DigiTimes in Taiwan and should thus be taken with a grain of salt.

A cheat sheet created by Twitter user @harukaze5719 gives us a quick picture of what we would be able to expect if the 20 percent price drop is implemented uniformly. Given that all models will wind up selling for significantly less than they did before to the 10% price rise, this should make Intel’s 12th Gen Core processors rather appealing from a financial standpoint. This would give Intel more clout over AMD, who could then be compelled to decrease its prices in order to remain competitive.