Nvidia RTX 30-Series GPU Availability to Worsen in Q1: Report

When Nvidia launched its RTX 3000 GPUs, the availability of the cards was less than great, with demand far outstripping supply, leading to a shortage. Now a new report suggests the problem is about to get worse. 

European hardware retailer Alternate, which operates in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, has spoken with Nvidia about availability and confirmed that, throughout the first quarter, the cards will be even more difficult to come by than before. There are multiple factors at play, including the surge in Ethereum mining, none of them good news.

What to Expect?

Alternate spoke with Nvidia about each of the cards, with the following situations:

  • RTX 3090: Very few deliveries, but only a few open orders
  • RTX 3080: Very few cards coming with many open orders
  • RTX 3070: Few cards incoming, but few open orders
  • RTX 3060 Ti: Very few cards coming, and a moderately high amount of open orders

The chart is clear: If you’re in the market for an RTX 3080 or an RTX 3060 Ti, chances are you’ll have to sit through quite a wait before a card is available for you due to a high number of open orders and very few card deliveries from distributors. 

Source: TomsHardware