Ryzen 9 7950X Overclocked to 6.7 GHz Crushes Cinebench R23 with Over 50K nT Score

The world-records set by those with admittance to AMD Ryzen 9 7950X “Zen 4” 16-core/32-thread processors, continue to tumble in. The most recent such is a Cinebench R23 nT score of a dazzling 50395 places. This was accomplished with a 6.70 GHz overclock under outrageous cooling utilizing a LN2 evaporator. One more accomplishment from a similar source sees a 6.45 GHz all-core overclock under outrageous cooling, which yields a noteworthy 48235 focuses in a similar test. The two accomplishments come from Sampson, who’s been driving HWBot graphs under the AMD Overclocking group.

The most noteworthy known/spilled Cinebench R23 score yielded with a Core i9-13900K “Raptor Lake” test up until this point, is 40616 focuses, albeit serious authority OC accomplishments with the processor are yet to begin. The Intel chip is now in the information for an 8 GHz recurrence record. Any endeavor to take the crown from the 7950X will include pushing the 8 P-cores to crazy frequencies, however, at that point it will come down to the 16 E-cores, and exactly the way in which far those can be pushed. The most noteworthy post-launch CB R23 score got on a current-gen i9-12900K is 26299, and for the 5950X this is 26291.