NZXT Recalls the H1 Case Across the U.S. and Canada

NZXT on Friday confirmed a total recall of its controversial H1 case across North America. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes this as a voluntary recall by the manufacturer in light of the fire hazard posed by the mounting mechanism of its PCIe riser, an issue that came to light early since the case’s February 2020 release, but was acknowledged by the company by November. At the time, the company released a fix that included replacing metal screws in the mounting mechanism with non-conductive Nylon ones.

As of now, NZXT has halted sales of the H1, and instructed retailers to send back inventory. The CPSC press release notes that about 32,000 units were circulated in the U.S. market, in addition to 1,024 in Canada. Health Canada issued its own notification announcing the recall. Both authorities directed users to seek a free repair kit from NZXT for the affected products, and dispose of the case (under existing recycling/e-waste management guidelines), if the user wishes to discontinue use. Canadian Law prohibits re-sale or giving-away of the affected product in the second-hand market.

Source: U.S. CPSC