NVIDIA GeForce 517.48 Game Ready Drivers Released

NVIDIA today released the most recent variant of GeForce Game Prepared drivers. Adaptation 517.48 WHQL accompanies improvement for Overwatch 2. It additionally offers improvement for Microsoft Pilot test program with DLSS support. Various bugs are tended to with this release. In the first place, show splendor settings not being applied accurately on particular sorts of Lenovo journals in dGPU mode, has been fixed. The “NVIDIA GPU only” switch not persevering on reboots on specific note pads, has been fixed. The “decrease commotion” choice with beam following in Adobe Artist seems pixellated, which has been fixed.

Irregular accidents in DirectML.dll with Adobe Photoshop have been fixed. Execution issues with VRR screens in Combination 360 has been fixed. Shadow flashing with “Jurassic World Advancement 2” has been fixed. Some UWP applications in Windows 11 show slack with G-SYNC, which has been fixed. Language bugs with NVIDIA Control Board has been fixed. Outer presentations associated by means of USB-C or Thunderclap dongles in Razer journals not accurately being recognized, have been fixed. MS Pilot training program showing surface defilement after expanded interactivity, has been fixed.