Intel “Raptor Lake” i9-13900K NOTICES 14% Performance Boost after unlocking Power Limit

The forthcoming thirteenth Gen Core i9-13900K “Raptor Lake” 8P+16E center processor offers a huge multi-strung execution increment with its power-limits loose, as indicated by Cinebench R23 testing uncovered by OneRaichu. In its default settings, with stock power restricts, the i9-13900K attracts up to 254 W of bundle power, where it scores 35693 focuses. With as far as possible opened in the motherboard’s UEFI arrangement program (for example PL1/PL2 set at a unimaginable 4096 W), the processor’s bundle power tops at 345 W (a 36% expansion in top power-draw), yet results in a multi-strung score of 40616 places, or a 13.8% presentation gain.