Intel Launches 10nm “Tiger Lake” Desktop Processors

Intel is likely planning to dispatch its 10 nm “Tiger Lake” processor on the work area stage. momomo_us found the presence of at any rate four new processor SKUs in Intel’s ARK pages. At any rate one of these is set apart as a work area chip. What isn’t clear, is whether these are Socket LGA1200 chips, similar to “Rocket Lake-S,” or whether these are FC-BGA chips that have been adjusted for explicit work area use-cases, like NUCs. At the core of these chips is the new 10 nm “Tiger Lake” 8-center/16-string silicon, which packs 8 “Willow Cove” CPU centers, 24 MB of shared L3 reserve, and a Gen12 Xe LP iGPU that has 48 EUs.

The regular subject with the processor model numbering with these SKUs is the brand expansion “B,” close to demonstrate numbers we ordinarily partner with “Rocket Lake-S” SKUs. Another shared trait is TDP. Each of the four SKUs are set apart as 65-Watt chips, including the part that has an opened multiplier. The arrangement is driven by the Core i9-11900KB, a 8-center/16-string chip with Thermal Velocity Boost recurrence of up to 5.30 GHz, and base recurrence of 3.30 GHz. The Core i7-11700B does not have an opened multiplier, yet strangely includes TVB, and holds the center check and store measure of the i9-11900KB. It is timed at rates of up to 5.30 GHz. The Core i5-11500B is a 6-center/12-string part, with 12 MB of L3 store, and a similar 5.30 GHz support, set by means of TVB. The Core i3-11100B is a 4-center/8-string part with 8 MB L3 store, and is likely founded on the 4-center “Tiger Lake” pass on, with its iGPU cut down. The tickers continue as before. It stays not yet clear how Intel markets these parts.